What to do

Panama has a lot to offer, for all kinds of tastes:  from the adventures of white river rafting and canopy tours in the jungle, to visiting Indian villages that have barely changed since the discovery of Panama by the Spaniards. From Golf and casinos, to Bird Watching and Ecotourism.


Panama offers you great white sand beaches, even golden sand beaches in Bocas del Toro!   Perfect waters for scuba diving and snorkeling in our Caribbean shores as well as great mountain trails in our highlands.


And of course, our Canal, which is finishing its expansion so that the largest mega ships in the world can use it.  Watching ships pass thorough the Canal is an experience you will not soon forget.  And from the balconies in our hotel you will see every ship that enters and exits the Canal!  we hope you can enjoy this experience.


We will soon post our Restaurant and Bar guide  for Panama City.   But rest assured you will find Panama has a vast range of foods and flavors to offer, and an exciting night life.

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