Panama Viejo

Panama City was founded in 1,519.   It was the starting point of most of the conquest and discovery routs of the Spaniards to South America.  It became Spain's most important gateway for all of the wealth, in silver and Gold, coming from the southern continent.  Its calculated that more than 60% of the wealth from South America going to Europe passed through Panama.


In 1671 the city was attacked by Henry Morgan and destroyed by fire, however, most of its citizens had already left, and moved to the area called Casco Viejo.


These ruins, preserved and managed by “Patronato Panama la Vieja”, and are being beautifully and lovingly renovated by this not for profit organization.


Panama Viejo is located right inside the City, and if you arrive to Panama through the Tocumen Airport, when you enter the City you will see it on your right, with its tower lighted at night.


This is a must-see location, with an excellent museum and 500 year old buildings.  If you can, do go up the bell tower, for its excellent views of Panama Viejo and the modern city that was born from it.


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