The first settlers of Panama date from approximately 9.000 years B.C. From that moment on human presence in the country has left interesting elements in important archaeological sites, like the ceremonial centers of Barriles and El Caño in Chiriquí and Coclé provinces.


The Darién National Park is inhabited by the emberá-wuonán or chocoes ethnic group that live in communities within the forest where they conserve their ancestral hunting, fishing and food harvesting customs, as well as their traditional huts that  transport us to the indigenous past of America.

Recommended! You can have an exiting, unforgettable, experience visiting an embera community that has barely changed in 5 centuries as one of our tours.


The Natives of the ethnic group Ngobe-Bugle or Guaymíes inhabit the highlands of the provinces of Chiriquí, Veraguas and Bocas of the Toro where they live amidst green mountains and beautiful landscapes. Their feminine  Kuna tribal meeting roomwardrobe presents a variety of colors and geometric forms while male attire presents the " chaquira " ( a multicolor necklace) that can be acquired easily in their communities and crafts shops. They still practice ancestral rites like the " traditional Balsería " and other rituals.

Book:  We highly recommend The Art of Being Kuna, by Mari Lyn Salvador.

"The remarkable arts and culture of the Kuna of Panama are accessible as never before in this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated volume.

The Kunas  are the best known indigenous group of Panama. Famous world wide for their handmade Molas and a culture that is very rich in rites and traditions.


They inhabit the Archipelago of San Blas (Kuna Yala Region) in the Eastern Caribbean coast of Panama, in palm-covered islands with coralline white sand and crystalline blue waters, where you can stay at hotels and cabins located in paradise-like tropical islands. Tour operators are recommended for your trip since their guides can best introduce you to the Indian culture. Excellent snorkeling.



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