Bird Watching

Panama has one of the larges diversities of birds in the world, and amazingly, with very easy access for birders. 


With close to 1,000 species, both indigenous and migratory, and great locations for birding, Panama has long been one of birdwatcher’s favorite habitats.  Checkout this list of birds in Panama in Wikipedia.


As a side note, Panama’s love affair with birds gave the name to its Presidential Palace in Casco Viejo:  Palacio de Las Garzas.


What do you need for bird watching in Panama? Comfortable walking shoes, loose-fitting clothing, a light jacket, insect repellent, binoculars, spotting scope and of course your camera.


Where can you go for bird watching?  Surprisingly, one of the sites with the most birds in the country, the famed Pipeline Road, is found just 20 minutes from our hotel. Most birdwatchers will start their tours with at least a day here, walking a road that passes through primary and secondary rainforest in the Soberania National Park. Here they'll see lots of trogons, caciques, woodpeckers, ant shrikes, ant wrens, hummingbirds, fruit crows and many more.  So far, 380 species have been recorded along Pipeline road.  In fact, pipe line road has a record for the most birds watched in a single day, several years straight.


Adventurous birders will, of course, head to Cana, in the Darien province. Cana, rated one of the top ten birding sites in the world, is home to an astonishing diversity of bird life, including four species of macaws, as well as several species endemic to the Darien.


In the lovely little town of Boquete, in the province of Chiriqui, with a guide and a hike in the forest, you will likely see a Resplendent Quetzal and many other highland species.


Panama is definitely birdwatcher’s dream vacation, Panama offers more species than any other country of North or Central America, easy access to great birding sites, and a very safe environment.


Note: We must stress the fact that these are just a few of the places for bird watching.   Your local bird watching chapter, or Panama's Audubon Society, can also give you further information.  There are also several Tour Operators that specialize in nature which can guide you and provide you with the best for bird watching.

We highly recommend these two books on Birds of Panama

The Birds of Panama: A Field Guide (Zona Tropical Publications)

George R Angehr

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